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High-end Business Style, Roman R9020 Bluetooth Headset
Source:Shenzhen Roman Technology Co.; Ltd   Release time:2014-07-14   Browse the number:1926




Well-known brand Roman R9020 Bluetooth headset is famous for its comfortable wearing, adopting ergonomic design so that customer feel great comfort while wearing and enjoy good sounds.



Roman R9020, with 180 degree in-ear design, makes the speaker face to ear wall, and sounds within the space of earplugs and auricle. It can increase the sound quality as well as effectively reduce discomfort by long time wearing to ensure your maximum listening pleasure.

 R9020 has a very personalized accessories, that is ear-hook for men and women separately. The box contains a headset, with two ears hang at the same time, one for men and another for women. 









Roman R9020 has adopted the international high-end CSR8 series chip and built-in with senior decoder supporting A2DP Bluetooth wireless standard. Based on the Bluetooth 4.0 version of the frequency hopping technology, it guaranteed the speed and quality of audio transmission, which makes the sound quality more delicate and vivid compared to traditional Bluetooth headset.













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