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Roman analysis the Bluetooth technology, Perfect sound create out surprising tricks
Source:Shenzhen Roman Technology Co.; Ltd   Release time:2014-11-27   Browse the number:1642

Roman as a forthgoer of Bluetooth technology, based on standard and scientific product ion strength, production and design a wild range of Bluetooth products, developed a Bluetooth sales line model. Roman focus on quality of Bluetooth product sounds, which fell in with popular demand.

As the late beginning of Bluetooth market in domestic, consumer market has not developed fully, Facing this situation, Roman conformity society resource, exploiting own advantage, making super fashion design, exquisite workmanship, easy to carry of Bluetooth headset. Which not only support hand-free calls, but also can connect two Bluetooth devices, and it with the perfect rock sounds.

Roman’s Bluetooth headset ensure to create the perfect sounds , invested much capital in bought advanced testing equipment on I/O transmission, frequency regulation, RF test, video test for Bluetooth products, so that make sure each step could meet standard requirement during production, which with music selection, volume control, time-out, play function. Roman as one of the most influence brand of Bluetooth in domestic, based on the top international Bluetooth technology, stronger develop ability, commit to creating a Bluetooth brand which with high cost performance, high quality, and a unique sounds enjoyment.

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