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Others Companies (Series 2) Preventing the Office Occupational Diseases
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When you are
young, you can only watch children of other families celebrating the Children's Day.
When you grow up, you can only watch other companies celebrating the Children's Day for their children.

Sometimes, it is not because you are greedy. You simply lack of a type of care.


Children's day celebrated by other companies:

Children's Day is coming soon. Roman Technology did something that used to be done by other companies, and paid a lot of efforts to show its care and love for children of its employees.




How others companies prevent the office occupational diseases:

Here comes the midsummer heat. The air conditioners blow the cool air. It is hot outdoors and cold indoors. The summer heat, cold, and moisture invade the body, resulting in a lot of office occupational diseases. Again, Roman Technology did something that used to be done by other companies by cooperating with doctors in the traditional Chinese medicine hospital, and inviting doctors to provide the interrogation, cupping, and acupuncture services for employees working in offices.




Doctors' preliminary diagnosis and office occupational disease records

Years of service: The longer an employee works, the most serious the occupational disease is. Those lively young men who just start working in the society generally do not have any occupational disease.


Types of diseases: Office employees often have the following types of occupational diseases, such as aged waist, computer vertebra, dry eyes, insomnia, and cold dampness caused by long-term use of air conditioners.


 Those who often sit at the desk should frequently stand up and walk around; those who suffer from insomnia can try the massage therapy; those who suffer from heavy cold dampness can try the therapeutic method, eat food such as red beans and barley, strike the liver and gallbladder meridians, and disperse the liver depression. Office occupational diseases are diversified, but the origin is the same. Doctors say that it is important to take preventive measures, physical conditioning measures, and therapies in time.


In particular, doctors emphasize that the best preventive measure and therapy is to take exercise.

To taking exercise, Roman S560 is the best helper in 2016.

S560 is a professional sports Bluetooth headset, which is also the star product of the year. 

The large ear 
hook never falls off whenever you run or jump, and helps you complete the long-distance run in a zero-pressure and long-time manner.

The 150 mAh large-capacity battery
 excels the 110 mAh batteries commonly found on the market, and supports a maximum standby time of 10 days and a super-long music time of 8 hours. The battery is more than sufficient for a marathon.

The 14.8 mm large loudspeaker
 overtakes the 11 mm loudspeakers on the market, and delivers super-strong bass and outstanding voice quality.




Roman Technology has been dedicated to R&D and production of wireless audio products for 9 years, and is glad to focus on sports and health together with you!

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