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Hong Kong Global Sources Electronics 2016 is coming to the end now. Where will customers' orders go?  

Colleagues from Roman Foreign Trade Dept. show great confidence in this and are just waiting for customers to visit and experience Roman factory. 

Onsite Summary 


In this tour to Hong Kong, Roman Foreign Trade Dept. has received multiple orders and big orders from customers worldwide. This primarily owes to R553 because it has special significance and wins lots of orders just by virtue of concept in the trade show. 

The new product R553 has been grandly launched recently. By virtue of high quality and good bang for buck, this model of headset is honored as the nation's Bluetooth headset. 


Of course, Roman's major products Z6000, R6000, and S560 also contribute much to its fruitful achievements. 


Z6000 is a music and sport Bluetooth headset primarily launched by Roman in 2016. Its strength is that, when you listen to the music, wear it; while not, it is an exquisite accessory; in the eyes of young users, it is a main tool for street photography. 


R6000 is an in-vehicle Bluetooth headset, which has been popular for two years since it was launched. Its strength lies in nice looking and simple operation. Answer upon pickup and hang up when putting the phone back, truly ensuring the driving safety and convenience. 

S560 is an exquisite product of Roman in 2016. Its strength lies in the 150 mAh large battery, 250-hour standby duration, 8-hour music, and super long operation duration, making it a good choice for recording the whole marathon. 


For more products, follow Roman Family. Roman is a professional wireless audio R&D manufacturer providing a great variety of products. With the original spirit, Roman has constantly innovated and expanded its product variety, which is also the reason why customers worldwide choose to cooperate with Roman. 


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