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New Technology Enable Fast Charging In Seconds
Source:Shenzhen Roman Technology Co.; Ltd   Release time:2013-05-14   Browse the number:1992

Mobile devices  Mobile terminals start demonstrating its limitation due to versatile requirements from end user and mobile development bottleneck.  An analyst from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign try to change this situation nowadays by adopting micro electronic  technology into Li-ion battery, which allow  high power capacity transfer higheffecient output,  it is 2000 times faster than traditional battery, to fully charge just require a second.
The project leader Mr. William P. king said "this is a innovative idea for battery. Frankly speaking, the battery with high capacity means there is limitation in its performance.  vice versa. It is the motivation and initial purpose for us to research and design for breakthrough the limitation in both battery capacity and performance by redesigning the battery inside layout. we believe it will be a revolution in future battery industry. "

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